Monday, April 18, 2011

We're Getting a Little Funky!

Aidan and I have been painting...doll parts! (Oh, and notice how short Aidan's bangs are? She did that haircut herself!...isn't she clever!! Argghhh!)
She's a little weird and wacky! ...the doll, not Aidan. (Okay, maybe her too after-all she IS my grand-daughter! LOL!). The doll is just adorable...we think! At least the vision we have of her is one that will be adorable...and weird and wacky! I'll post when she is dressed and has hair to see what you think. That will take me a few more days. We painted all the parts, then we added strips of tape to the arms and body; and sticky dots to the legs. And then, we re-painted. The parts were not two impressive at this stage.
When dry, we removed the tape and sticky dots and here is what we have!
She has a "circus" look right now, but just you wait and see!
I like the dotted legs best!
And I think I'll paint purple gloves on her also thinking some glitter might be good! And, if I do elf ears...that could be grand! If you want a great vehicle to get creative...try making a cloth doll!

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