Thursday, May 19, 2011

Garden Update 5-19


Here is a view of the right side of the back yard. Mom and I are sharing the garden spot this year. She has three rows on the left of the picture; I have four rows to the right of the picture, next to the fence.  We are not in competition…although she does say every few days “you got the good dirt, and your plants are getting bigger because of that”. I have absolutely no doubt that THAT is completely true…cause I do not profess to have any SKILL at gardening at all! I’m hoping for plain ole dumb luck!

The corn is closest to the fence. And, it TOO CLOSE to the fence…so I’ll be picking ears of corn only from the inside of the row…as I will not be able to get my self squeezed between mature corn and the fence when it’s time to pick!

Here are the remainder of my rows…and I’ve tried to label them as much for my memory as for your information! Next to the corn is a row of Lima beans and some Jalapeno pepper plants. Next to that is a half row of green beans…and the remainder was not planted for a while. Then, I put in some Crowder peas for my brother…as I don’t eat them. My last row has tomatoes and okra will finish out the row. It takes okra a while to come up because it needs really warm ground. At the very end of the rows…across the back side is some yellow crooked neck squash.

In total, I’ll have six summer squash plants…so should have plenty! I love fresh squash…and so does Aidan. But, there will be extra…so if you want some come on over this summer!

Lastly are my little cucumber plants. I sure hope these really take hold soon and start to look better. There are five plants, and these two are the best of them. This area gets a lot of water it seems…so I’m not so sure these will be hardy enough to last! Keeping my fingers crossed…cause Aidan and I LOVE cucumbers!!
I’ll keep ya’ll posted as the garden progresses!

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