Friday, May 13, 2011

Margaret and Jenny

This is my grandmother Margaret Farmer (right) and my great-aunt Jenny Champion (left). They are sisters.

One of my fondness memories of the two of them together is the summer I was in the 11th grade. My girlfriend, Brenda Barnes, and I were working at the high school painting the halls and getting things ready for school to open back up in the spring. We were part of a student work program that went all year. During the school year, we worked in the assistant principal's office or the library...but during the summer, they found any odd job that could be done by us kids...and put us to work. It was a great way to spend the summer...earning some money! We were required to bring our lunch, or we could walk up town to the square and get a hamburger. Neither of us could afford that each I asked my Aunt Jenny if she would fix us a sandwich each day...and we would pay her (seems to me, we each gave her around $10 every 2-weeks when we got paid).  We thought we'd get a bologna or peanut butter/jelly sandwich. But, the first day we went to her house (which was just a few hundred yards from the high-school) we had a full meal on the table. Boy, my Aunt Jenny would cook! I don't believe I have ever eaten better my entire life; as I did that summer! Every day we had cornbread or biscuits (the best I've every had!); fresh sliced tomatoes and cucumbers; and some kind of vegetables and meat...or a big pot of stew or soup...or beans and cornbread! Yum! I'm hungry just remembering. My grandma was an okay cook...but not as good as my Aunt Jenny. She tried...and I think the two of them had a little competition going at times. One would cook one day...and another the next sometimes. Other times, they just did it together.
Oh how I wish I could turn back the clock...just to have another few minutes with both of these women!

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