Wednesday, May 4, 2011

More Brazilian Embroidery

Between the weather and the garden, there has not been much stitching going on here at my house of late. One small project, another CQI Round Robin block, was completed. 

This is my last round in the Brazilian Embroidery robin, and this block only had a small "pie slice" of gold fabric to cover. I started by adding trim above and below to frame out the fabric. Then stitched a simple stem-stitch vine with detached chain leaves. A trio of extra long bullions in graduating lengths created some whimsical blossoms along the vine.

The whole block was just gorgeous! My stitching buddies included Diane M., Karrin H., Deloris D., and Rebecca B. and all did wonderful work on all the blocks. I can't wait to get my own block back to see what they created for me!!

And here is my favorite part of this block..of course you could have guessed it would be the ROSES that Karrin stitched! I just wish I had stitched it! Aren't they just gorgeous!
If you enjoy crazy quilt blocks...and want to stitch and see other's work as well...I encourage you to consider joining Crazy Quilter's International (CQI) Yahoo Group. They have numerous round robins going ALL THE members plenty of opportunity to stitch!
And...if you are specifically interested in Brazilian Embroidery...please consider joining the BDEIG_Online_Chapter Yahoo Group (BDEIG=Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery International Group). They have loads of good information about Brazilian embroidery and great eye-candy in their photo section.

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