Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pure Bliss!

My niece, Shevy has the prettiest eyes and smile. But, ya'll wouldn't know that because all the photos I've taken have been of her asleep! And here's another one!
Celeste brought her by yesterday for me to baby-sit while she went to work. Aidan was wonderful...she kept a good watch over Shevy all day. 
 She played peek-a-boo with her and helped feed her. But, when diaper changing came...she had to leave the room "gagging" for the stinky one. Sure hope she grows out of that before she has children of her own!...of course she has 20-30 years for that! And I AM NOT rushing that least not now. Talk to me in 15 years...and I might have changed my mind!
Sorry the photos are dark...but I didn't want the flash to wake her.
Celeste forgot her we improvised with a bath towel. :)

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