Tuesday, May 24, 2011

School is Out...Kinda!

This morning, Aidan's first grade had their awards ceremony. School is officially still in until noon on Friday; but...after the program they announced that the children did not have to attend these "extra days" if they did not want to...because nothing academic was going to be accomplished. Boy, school is sure different than when I went...back in the stone ages!
Aidan got certificates in several areas of study.

 I know it's just the first grade...but I have hopes for the remainder of the grades! About 40% of the children did good in the reading, math, spelling...but only five of the children (about 5%) got the Neat Handwriting certificate. (She did not get that from me sadly...my penmanship is horrible!) (I do take full credit for the other certificates...as far as "genes" can contribute anyway!)
Here she is...with her A Honor Roll ribbon...photo is terrible...but you can see she is very proud!
We have celebrated with a fresh strawberry shortcake and a picnic out in the back yard. Didn't get photos of those...but we had fun! Now, we shall retire for a "Granny Nap!"

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