Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sweeter Than Cotton Candy

Look at this little darling sleeping.

There just isn’t anything better than a good baby! Chevy, my nieces’ little bundle of joy spend the morning yesterday at Mom’s. I held her and she giggled and jumped up and down looking at my loud colored blouse. We had such fun. Then as I held her in my arms, she fell asleep. I had a hard time giving her up to her carrier!
Later on, I realized that I was a GREAT AUNT! Wow, that’s a rude awakening! I feel like I should start shopping for my walker and cane soon!
Reminds me of Aidan’s little enlightenment when she was two years old…”Nana, you have no memory…cause your hair is white.”. Yeah, she was right about that!!

Speaking of Aidan…here are some photos of her “garden”. She has a playhouse in the back yard. The front section has a little garden spot…mostly daffodils and her rose bush.

But, we also added two cherry tomato vines…one in each front corner. Hopefully, they will both do well. One is already having “baby tomatoes”.

We also planted a regular bush tomato on the front steps in a pot…and Aidan waters it almost every day. We’ll have to stake it and tie up the limbs before long so they don’t break off under the weight of the fruit. If you don’t have a garden…consider a couple of “pots”. They are great as distractions for little ones too! “Wink!”

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