Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Mother of Pearl "Buttons"

These are not actually buttons...but flat round beads. They have a hole through them that does allow them to be attached to crazy quilt projects quite nicely. Here, I have painted a few with acrylic paints. Well, "paint" is a term used very loosely in this case...as I am NOT AN ARTIST... I know that. I am more of a "blobber"! Ha! However, they are adequate enough to satisfy me in using them for inclusion in some button clusters on "shabby chic" style projects. So, I'm happy with them.
I thought you might like to know about them...in case you really ARE a painter. Mine were purchased at FiremountainGems. The stock number is H20-9613FL. They come as a 16 inch string of "White AB Flat Round, Mother of Pearl (MOP) Beads" ...30 mm each in size. There are about 14 of them on my string, and the price for the entire string is $4.20US as of today's pricing. FMG also has $5.00 shipping in the US. Not sure what it would cost to sent them overseas.
Oh, and they also have them in other sizes.

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