Thursday, June 16, 2011

Secret Pal Giftee

I belong to the message board at; specifically the Quilting/Needlework group of that board. They are a great bunch of folks...and keep coming up with great events and swaps. One of the activities is to sign up for a yearly swap...with a "Secret Sister" You are given a person's name/address and some general information about things they like...and you send them a little gift each month (anonymously of course...hence the "secret" part). At the end of the year, you find out who has been gifting you the entire year. I signed up this year...and my Big Secret Sister (BSS) often sends along a little something for my grand-daughter Aidan in my monthly package. So often in fact, that Aidan says "We" have a secret sister. This month, she included some plastic canvas pieces in the surprise...of various shapes. I asked Aidan if she wanted to learn how to stitch these up...and she is working on a set of coasters for her Aunt. She has finished one (the one in the photo) and is steadily working on number 2 right now. Her goal is to complete four. Just thought ya'll might like to see a young stitcher at work...she is 7 years old.

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