Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dragonflies, dragonflies, dragonflies!

Usually, I don't mention the Studio's more of a hobby of mine than a business really. Which is why I keep the prices as low as possible I suppose...and why it won't make me rich! Ha!
Anyway, I spent some time this week going through my beads and found a lot of dagger beads that I had forgotten about (Yes, my stash is a mess!). So, I started combining and came up with several "new" dragonflies...bead kits! They are limited in quantity...determined by my stash levels of the individual beads jump on over and check them out close up!
And, I've added crushed walnut shells to the general items...alongside the emery that we have always carried. Both are great for adding weight to pin cushions and dolls.

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