Sunday, July 10, 2011

Easy Baby Bonnet

 The other day I posted about baby shoes that were easy to sew. Here is a bonnet that is even easier than the shoes! I stitched this up about 20 years ago for an 18" doll..but it could easily be adapted to fit any size baby or toddler. Just measure the head size and adjust the width and height to match (with enough added for seam allowance of course). Try a plain muslin version first to get your pattern sizes down just right! Pictures speak a thousand hopefully, these are enough for you to understand how to stitch this up!

Cut a rectangle the size needed, and round the front corners. If the bonnet is for a girl, add lace and trims to make it fancy! Cut a lining (flannel is nice) of the same size. Sew all the way around and leave an opening on the back side for turning. Note: make sure to remember to insert your ribbon for tying to the curved front corners before completing the seam. Turn right side out and stitch the opening closed. Turn up the back edge about 1/2 inch and stitch this down. Feed a piece of ribbon through this channel...and pull tightly. Tie into a knot and then a bow. The back will then look like this...

Even some plain ole cotton versions for these hot days would be great!


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