Sunday, July 24, 2011

My Peacock Has Arrived! And She is Gorgeous!

A little while back I posted about the StitchMAP Mentor's Challenge, and the doll that I had created for my swap partner Amy. Well, yesterday I received my "prize" from my swap partner, Ann....and it is stupendous.
First off...the fact that it is a box is GREAT! As ya'll are my BFF's know I need to be organized! And, that my space is at a PREMIUM!! So, just the simple fact that Ann was thoughtful enough to make me something I could use...speaks volumes to me! Hugs Ann! BUT, the fact that it is stitched so stupendously just left me speechless when I opened the package (Yes, it is possible to render me's just not easy!)
The peacock is the focal point of the lid...and it is stitched superbly! Check out these close ups!

But, the gorgeous stitching doesn't stop there! The rose in the corner is so really speaks to my heart.
Even simple fabric manuplation looks just grand when done with luscious silk...a recycled tie or scarf perhaps?! And check out the chain stitch "loops" she stitched to fill in the patch! Ingenious!
The monogram is just too delicate for words. I just adore it! 
Isn't the entire block she created for the top just wonderful!
Ann rock!!

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