Thursday, August 11, 2011

Forgive me...

I love to blog about what I stitch...(okay, or about my darlin Aidan)...but, I don't like to blog much about my Studio. However, this past few weeks...I just keep doing that more and more!! But, seriously...I have just this past month added a lot of different things to the shoppe; and I finally got off my be-hind and beaded some more HAD to show you those. And, I found a great wholesaler for the darling types of clay flower beads that I use myself...sparingly!! And, anytime I can get cute little the ones I showed you just Tuesday...I mean, who wouldn't want to know about those!

 So, here I go again...tooting my Studio's horn (so to speak)...cause I have landed a great supplier for HAND TATTED LACE TRIMS! Now, I use these already...if you check out the photo of the "Queen" above in the Blog'll see that her 'fence' is actually made of tatted trims. 

 But, I had to get them retail then, and at a pretty penny! I was just flabbergasted to find this supplier! I hope to get several more types...but for starts (cause you know I'm on a 'retired' budget now!) are three darling little trims to drool over!!One is in-stock and the other two are scheduled to arrive the first of next week!!

And, I added one more color of roses...SALMON!

And, I added acrylic beads...perfect for seams!! 

Especially if you do these won't break like the glass or crystal might.

(Of course, you know my heart is still with my Swarovski!!! Can't ever get enough of the BLING!!) So, hope you enjoy checking out the new items...and I promise not to post about the Studio again for a little while...cause I just CRAMMED all the new items into this post!! Ha! How clever is that!!


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