Sunday, August 28, 2011

I Must be Nuts!

Why else would I run a huge clearance sale on my web-store at the same time I'm trying to get ready for a wedding! 
 Tonight I constructed a brand-new page of pendants/brooches to add to the web-store...but I won't launch it until tomorrow afternoon. Why? you ask...because I have to go to Hobby Lobby with my niece tomorrow looking for clear snaps and pretty buttons for her wedding gown...which I have to finish THIS WEEK. The wedding is Saturday!! And, I have a limited supply of these pendants...
 ...and brooches. 
 So, if someone buys several...and I'm not here checking the e-mails...I can't update the inventory. And, if I don't update the inventory (has to be done manually) then I could "over-sale" the items...and someone will be unhappy...and I truly don't want that. So, I'll have to wait until tomorrow.
And, I have more lace and charms...but I'll post about that tomorrow night...because I have to sew some lace motifs on the wedding gown bodice. Hugs!

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