Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Truly Fearless--That's Me!

I've always said that I am "fearless" with it comes to my quilting/stitching. It truly doesn't matter what the technique...give me a book and 15 minutes...and I'll gladly stand in front of a group and explain how to do it. My mind comprehends things like that fast...but don't ask me to add a column of numbers!
But, true fearlessness....is showing you what my sewing room looks like right now!
Sit down...this is scary!!

First off...this is my craft/sewing table. At any given moment in the day you might find me sitting here stitching, sorting, writing...or whatever. The television is in front of me...on those black cabinets you can barely make our. At present, the table is filled with Studio supplies I've carried in from the office area so I have some surface area to work. This is not TOO bad...
 THIS is horrid! It is my cutting table! I can't find anything!! All the neatly organized trays of scissors/cutters, my pen pencil caddy, my lovely wood boxes w/stencils & tools, and odds and ends from many projects are just piled on it for now. The wedding dress "parts" are hogging my cutting board side...so everything else is just shoved to one side. You can see the dress hanging in front of my book shelf...and the slip is in the window on top of other "stuff" from past projects. The bolts of netting/tulle are behind the sewing machine so I can find them! Truly, I need to get organized and de-clutter...
so, thanks to all who are helping by ordering from the Studio during the huge clearance sale.  I'm working as fast as I can to count charms and lace motifs! AND, yesterday evening I was also thanking the Lord that my little Studio had not ever really required so much work! I could not have taken the pace every day! De-cluttering and down-sizing is SO right for me!!
Because you are my BFF's...and I've already scared you senseless...want to see something REALLY fearless???


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