Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Would You...Could You...Cut This??

In the mid 80's my husband and I were living in Europe, courtesy of the Army. We loved our 6 years there, and were fortunate to take several trips. On one trip to Belgium we bought a tablecloth after seeing a young lady working to create a similiar one. 

 She sold this one to us for $300 at a time when the conversion rate was very good. Today, it would be impossible to find a hand-made lace table cloth anywhere near this price I'm pretty sure (especially one measuring 47 x 73 inches). A machine manufactured or Chinese knock-off perhaps...but not true handmade lace.

 So, here is my dilema...I've had this in a hope-chest for the past 30 years. And it has never once been used...which seems like such a waste. I'd love to sell it, but I don't know of any high-end designers that might think $300 for a tablecloth is a steal...do you? Seriously, I don't know anyone.
So, I'm considering cutting it up for crazy quilt projects. So, far...I can't seem to make my self pick up the scissors...it just seems like a waste to cut such a great object up. At the same time, it's not fair that it just lies in my hope chest...
What would you do? Could you ...would you...cut it?
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