Friday, September 9, 2011

I'm Drowning!!! Let's have a Give-a-Way!

I'm drowning... in CLUTTER!! And it just keeps getting worse! I've pulled out so many things to de-clutter...and this week, it was books! This is not easy work! I have selected about half of my bookshelf to "dispose" of...around 60+ books. But, to put them on the Studio site..they have to be photographed...then the webpage has to be built. Actually, several pages...because I like a variety of subjects...cross-stitch, quilting, silk ribbon, etc...etc. So, for the past two days I'm stuck working on this laptop and with my books surrounding me! It is more mess than when I began! But, I am so looking forward to when all of this stuff has found a new home, and is being enjoyed by someone...instead of just sitting on my shelves gathering dust! I hope to have all of the pages ready for publishing today or tonight!!

 And to add to the problem...these (and about 20 more styles) of gorgeous Czech Glass Buttons arrived this past week! I have spent more computer time...loading them on my Etsy shop! 

 Yes, I'm adding to the "clutter" as I am disposing! But, the Etsy will be limited only to cabochons, buttons, and my autographed book! This square button is my favorite! What is your favorite? Oh, I know...let's have a little contest! 

 You pick a favorite style button from the Etsy shop...and come back and post a comment here...Tell me your favorite! On, Sunday...I'll pick a winner and you get your favorite button! I'd appreciate your passing the work along that the buttons have arrived in the shop as well of course. Hugs!
PS: Books are now loaded on the Studio....and next, I'm going to start working on photographs, etc of PATTERNS!

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