Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Snow Anyone?

It has gotten a little cooler these past couple of days, and I'm in serious denial! I refuse to turn the heat on yet! So, I'm in socks and sweaters! Thank goodness it's supposed to be back up in the low 80's the next couple of days so I can thaw out! But, the mornings are so good...while I'm still in bed anyway! The covers are piled high and the bed is toasty warm...and the room has a chill in the air. Perfect sleeping!
But I can't escape thoughts of winter around the corner. And that got me to thinking of snow, snowmen, hot cocoa...so I went hunting for beads. Here are little scissor fobs..snowman and teapot/cup. 
 I'm really happy with them and am putting them on the Etsy Shop.
The little snowmen are easy if you have the right beads...here's what you need, and they are in the order of the beading too.
Ya'll stay warm!

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