Sunday, November 13, 2011

Back to an Old Project

My cyber plate is pretty full these days...with Crazy Quilt Project Journal 2012...and other "stuff". So, today...I'm just playing.
Aidan is home with her all is quiet. Pay no attention to the fact that the floor in her bedroom looks like a convention of mischievous Leprechauns just partied in there...bits of paper, glitter, and toys everywhere! The sink is full of dirty dishes and the dishwasher is full of clean ones! And, horror of it bed is still un-made! I am...having fun! It's glorious to be your own BOSS!
 These photos are of a practice block I constructed while working on my book, Embellishing Crazy try out some herringbone seams.  And photos of the seams were part of the Twelve Dozen in Twelve Months Challenge. 
I decided that since all of the seams are ones from my book...I'd add some motifs from the book as well. That would complete a good example for my lectures that include the book.
Thought ya'll might like to see photos of my progress...from tracking the motifs on tissue paper, placing them where they should go...stitching the outline through the paper. 
 And, then finishing the designs. So, more to follow as I work through the block. The photos don't "line up" with the narrative...but I'm sure you can follow the progress from top to bottom....
on these rose leaves.


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