Monday, November 14, 2011

One of Those Days...

Today started out on a great note...sold some patterns on a Group...and the lady was very prompt to send me her money.
So, my plan was to go to the post office immediately after coffee with Mom...and get them to her. Told her so in an email.
Then, Mom informed me that she was concerned about the "ole truck"...and asked that I wait for Tracy to get home from work at 2:00 p.m. to go to the post office. A slight disappointment, but not a real issue.
Then, at 1:45...Mom asks me if I'll be ready to go to the post office when Tracy gets home. "Yep, I'm ready now."
"Good" Mom soon as Tracy finishes she and John (brother) need to go to the grocery she'll need to hurry up at the post office. (my brother has no patience...LOL)
Now, I had waited all day...and had accumulated a couple of errands to run along the way to the post office...the bank, and went upstairs again to get all of my "stuff" needed.
So, I jumped into the car as soon as Tracy got pulled into the driveway...and off we went.
Stopped at the problem...check that off the list.
Stopped at the post office...major problem...only had 3 packages to go...was supposed to have four. Discovered that I had left the Important one with those Patterns on the desk!! Yikes!
Stopped at problem...
Back to the upstairs...grab package...cardio workout!
Back to post office...still in a run (okay, fast walk by then).
SIX folks in line...and my favorite post-person...having a time with his computer!!
He saw me and just shook his head a little...forewarning me that it was not good!
Then, he announces "It's shutting down...and will have to reboot...that will take about 30 minutes!" YIKES!
Three folks immediately leave.
The lady in front of me says "Can I buy a stamp?" He replies..."Sure thing, if you have exact change...I can't make change." 
"No problem" she says and marches to the counter.
Two other ladies in front of me...looking like they don't know what to do...stay or leave.
"So, me and my flat-rate envelope march up to the counter...along with a $10 bill".
And here's where having a home-town...personal connection with your postal clerk helps...
"Can you post this for me...and I'll pick up my receipt and change tomorrow?"
"Yep, no problem" carrier quips!
So, out the door I go....and back home.
What a journey...just 3 miles down the road today!


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