Saturday, November 26, 2011

Red White Quilt Top Complete

This is a simple quilt...bear paw blocks...and squares/rectangles sashing. I drew the design out on graph it's easy to design. Just copy my idea! I'm sure it's not it is so simple.
 It's king size...much too large for a, here are several. You can easily make your's smaller...just not so many blocks.

The ribbon border really sets off the Bears Paw blocks that are set on point. It all "floats" within a large cream-on-cream border that is the same fabric as the background for the blocks. Grab some graph paper and draw out your own!
When you piece the inside border...square-rectangle-square pieces...set them in a Seminole style pattern...and don't trim of the edges until you sew it to the quilt. 
 Just match the quarter inch seam line to the "points" of the squares...then trim of the little "flying triangles" afterwards. Sorry, I forgot to take a photo before I trimmed the I added some drawn lines to simulate where the squares were...that made little hanging triangles in the seam allowance. And, I did not have to deal with any bias edges!


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