Monday, November 21, 2011

Retreat Fun!

Got home Sunday...from a 4-day mini-retreat with 23 other quilters! LOVED the entire four days at the Magnolia Park Retreat Center in Odenville, Alabama. If you have a small group...and need a GREAT place to have a retreat...this is the place to consider!
A lovely setting in the country. Beautiful and spacious accommodations at a super price! And, 3 meals a day...furnished! And, the food is great!
It was so sad to wake up this morning...and no one was cooking my breakfast!
I still have one huge suitcase to unload...and laundry to do...but, perhaps tomorrow I'll get back into the normal routine! Oh, then they'll be Thanksgiving to contend with! I'm doing the turkey, corn casserole, and green-bean casserole. Aidan will be out of I'll have a "helper"! Hugs!

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