Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Ruby's Roses Roses Roses Block

 I finished my work on Ruby's block for the Roses, roses, roses Round Robin on Crazy Quilters International Yahoo Group. 
 The beginning was some silk ribbon rose buds to direct the eye. These went up to the tatted doily that had already been placed on the block by ruby.
Next came a button cluster to balance the size and color of the gorgeous wire rose done by Cathy L. in the round before mine.
Then, a seam treatment with more pink and clay roses.
Lastly, bits of lace and a large button to fill in space under the seam line, and to keep the eye moving around the block.
Hopefully, you'll agree that I've done a good job of continuing the movement in the block from the heart at the upper left corner, to the wire rose, to the button cluster, and along the seam to the right of the block. Now, the next person has the job to continue the path with their own beautiful work!

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