Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Well, I Made It Through the Plastic...Jungle...Alive!

 Okay, this is one of those...good ideas...but the execution needs some work! In all, I'm pretty happy with outcome...considering all the trouble I made for myself with the whole idea!! But, if I do another will be planned out a little better because turning plastic "inside out" is a real bear!! Here's the has my reading glasses in the little pocket...and the phone will go into the bigger pocket. But, since I'm taking this photo with my can't be in the pocket right now, ha! Now, the back is not all that pretty...but looks better in person...all pink and flowery. And it will be against me...not really seen that often. And it won't be "poking me"..a very important feature! Oh, and did you notice the organizer is pink? That's so it will match my glorious BOHO bag that Pat made me...which will hold this little organizer, my Kindle, my Stitch Journal, and other must haves in the car!
Generally here's my story...and yep, I'm sticking to it!!
 First off, I have a Retreat coming up this month...and I need a name-tag. So, that got me to thinking about past retreats and quilting events I've attended. And, THAT got me to remembering how I am always walking around with bulging pockets full of keys, hotel key cards, money, reading glasses...and such! Mostly because I like to look and touch stuff at these I usually leave my purse in the car, and only carry essentials in my pockets. Sooooo...I was thinking...what if I had a little organizer, that hung around my neck...sturdy enough to hold all of my things...but not too big to get in my way? And, what if the outside pocket was clear it could also "double" as my name tag! Yeah, that would be so cool...I wouldn't have to pin anything to my clothing...and when I wanted to go "incognito" I could just turn the thingee over, or remove the name insert from the little plastic pocket! So, that's what started the "hot mess" with the plastic. This little organizer purse is the result of all my trouble, swearing (yep, I did!), and stomping my feet (well, not too much's hard to get my leg lifted that high, LOL!)
Here's the main pocket. The flap has a small sterling silver jewelry toggle clasp attached to it...and the other end is attached to the front. It has enough space to let me "stuff" things into the center pocket.
The rings on the sides that hold the detachable strap...are a little large. But since I have reading glasses (i.e. for reading), and computer glasses, and stitching glasses...these serve as a good place to hang these critical tools!
 They also make a great place to hang some bling too!
And of course...can't forget the reason for the entire adventure in the first place. My name tag window!

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