Sunday, December 11, 2011

#1 RR - Jeanne G

Here's the next block completed...if you are following along. This block really spoke to my heart. The piecing is superb and the fabrics included cotton, silk, and upholstery weight cotton. The colors and textures of the fabrics were very pleasing to me. They also made me think of blocks constructed in the late 1800's by ladies whom really brought crazy quilting into the mainstream of stitching. Blocks would have been made of the materials on hand, and would have certainly included some cotton and some "household" fabrics...such as the upholstery...AND would have included any special fabrics that might have been available to the lady of the house. One such fabric was definitely silk. While it was not a common everyday cloth...there are articles of that time that speak to removal of hat linings, coat linings, and such...just to get the silks for the ladies crazy quilts. The plaid and the floral reminded me of everyday dresses. So, this block really spoke to me of that time in crazy it was very reminiscent of traditional piecing. So, I decided to keep the stitching very traditional as well. No ribbon work and no those were not really done traditionally during the late 1800's. Instead, embroidery was the main focus...and some minimal pieces of lace might have been included. So, compared to other blocks...this one might seem a little "sparse". But, if you could really see it up close..and feel the might agree that the block is quite content with it's personality. 
Hopefully Jeanne G. will also think that it is quite acceptable as a traditional block. But if not, it is after all HER block...she is welcome to add more stuff or adjust as she see's fit. I can only answer for my own muse...and I'd like to have an entire quilt done like this I'm thinking...


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