Monday, December 19, 2011

CQJP2012 Blocks Started

Yesterday was an interesting day of piecing crazy patch blocks. The final decision on the Crazy Quilt Journal Project 2012 blocks was to go with the minimum size of 6-inches (so hopefully I'll get them done on time next year)...with everything else I've also signed up for! More on that later!

White is the color of choice...and monocromatic blocks are a real challenge for me...because I dislike them! 

 So, also hopefully...I won't be ready to discard these half-way through the year! 

 Next challenge, I created the muslin backing...and covered that with a white bridal fabric, from an old wedding that the lace would have a white background.

 The blocks have few seams...but lot's of lace trims to break up the, there's another challenge.

 And, the final challenge is that I'll only be using white to stitch and embellish with...well, white or clear...cause I want to use some AB Crystals too!

No theme, the white is difficult enough!
Wish me luck! And you can watch my progress on the blog of course!
And, if successful on the CQJP2012 Blog too later on.... answer Mary's comment. No, there is no requirement to do the squares all first then embellish each month. You can piece and embellish as you go if you like. For me, I think I'll come closer to actually finishing if they are all pieced and ready for me to stitch on. And, I'll also be more like to have a project that "works together" if I piece them all at once. So, for me...this way works best! No rules in CQJP...other than the size requirement regarding how you create!

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