Saturday, December 17, 2011

Sewing Pals

Yesterday was a bit rainy, but I did manage to get my 8-inch crazy quilt blocks completed. I'll show you more of those in the next post. First, I thought I show you my view from the work area...sewing machine, ironing board with fabric strips and iron,...and my Buddy snoozing in the window seat.
Here's a better photo of him. 
 Contentment...except for the fact that he is still not sleeping in his own doggie bed.
Sara has now completely taken that over! And, quite obviously...she is not concerned that Buddy will mount a sneak attack to take it back! 
Buddy has settled into the window seat quite comfortably...I put him an extra blanket there to make it softer. I felt guilty that the puppy pushed him out of his bed. But, he does have it better at night...he gets to sleep at the foot of the bed...and she sleeps in her training pen. Bet he says "Nanna, nanna, boo boo!" right before going to bed at night!

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