Thursday, December 8, 2011

Shawkl RR#1 - Molly

If you are following along on this is my #3 block of 16 to stitch. This is Molly's block...and she sent me a curve ball! The block has pink, yellow, greens...and the center fabric has black, burgundy, and dark coral. My first idea was totally different that what I finally created...more on that in a minute. Initially, I began with a piece of pale yellow lace cover some of the yellow fabric, and give it some texture.  Once the lace trim was in place and I flipped over the block to tie off my thread....I noticed that Molly had written the word "Spring" next to her name information. Spring? 
Uh, why had I not seen that before...(probably because I had not looked...LOL!...lesson learned!)
Okay, the green, yellow, and pink...that could be worked as spring in my mind. But, the center? Not so what to do, what to do?
Cover up and conquer! I just ignored the center...and considered it only as a background. Here is the springtime block I created...sure hope my ideas of Spring will mesh with Molly's idea of Spring!


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