Friday, December 2, 2011


Sharon B's stitch challenge for next year has a new logo...
And if you want to learn some new embroidery stitches...for free...
Then, why have you not signed up?
When does it start? 
January 3rd.
What is this challenge about?
Each Tuesday Sharon will post a challenge stitch on her blog...Pintangle. The idea is that you work a sample, experiment a bit. Next, photograph your sample, and put it on the web so visitors can share. Then return to Pintangle to leave a comment to tell everyone where they can see your sample.
What does it Cost?
The challenge is free.
Are beginners welcome?
All skill levels are welcome
So I have to visit Sharon's blog each Tuesday?
Yes the challenge is open and public. You can have everything written on the blog delivered daily to your email inbox if you prefer...just signup to her automatic feed...using the button on her side bar. Something new is published daily. 
AND, if you are signed up for the Crazy Quilt Journal Project 2012...(and if not...why not??)...then working the TAST stitches on your blocks each TWO TASKS with the ease of one! And, at the end of the'll have finished twelve gorgeous crazy quilt blocks...and have learned dozens of new embroidery stitches! How great is that!!!...

So...go to Pintangle and sign up for TAST today!
And, while you are at it...if you have not signed up for CQJP2012...go to the website and read the information on the Registration Page to join!

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