Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Warning: Proud Nana Alert!

Yesterday, I went to Aidan's 2nd Grade Christmas Play...walked 5 blocks to get there because my daughter would not answer her phone...but, that's a different story. These photos are blurry...but I think you'll get the idea anyway. I was sittting in the second row; but was still about 30 feet from the stage...with my cellphone camera! So....considering...they aren't so bad.
Can you spot my little brown reindeer?
She is explaining to Santa...who has a broken leg...and was just given some advice from his reindeer friends...and thanked them..."That's what Friends are for!"
If you have any children's plays to attend this year...and have not done so yet. One small piece of advice "Bring Cotton Balls for you Ears!". I'm sure that the teachers advise them to "speak up"....which translated in an 8-year old's mind means: "Talk Really Loudly...directly into the microphone.". I'm not sure why they also talk fast...but most of the time I felt that I was either "twitching" because a child was so loud that I jumped out of my chair...or confused because they mumbled and I had no idea what they just said.
What does translate their obvious pride to be performing...and sheer relief when it's over! lessons so early! Here is my precious Aidan...she also got the honor of being the last to speak..."Thank you all for coming to our 2nd grade Christmas Program. Have a Merry Christmas!". Nana was so proud!! And, still is....had to share...blurry photos and all! Merry Christmas to all the Nana's out there....and my condolences to those that are not...cause you are missing one heck of a ride! Hugs!

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