Monday, January 23, 2012

Lace and Pearls for Arlene

Arlene's block will be making it's way to Nickilee next...some time this week. My work is complete! Here are some closeups Arlene...
The lace came first...some pretty morning glories up the side...
And a basket with beaded bottom and handles above it.

 You can just see a peek of the feather stitch seam with bullion flower buds and detached chain leaves.
I thought long and hard about filling the basket with SRE flowers...but than all of the pretty dyed lace would have been covered up...and so decided to add some tiny bugle beads for leaves, and SRE French Knots in the center of the lace flowers. Arlene does beautiful if she wants to remove the beads and put in flowers later on...that's fine with me! I fully believe once you get your block can change anything you like!
Next I added a beaded monogram...and little pearl seam...a hand-dyed tatted trim seam with clay roses and sequins.
Lastly, A Silk Ribbon Embroidery (SRE) sprig of roses was added ...along with a bejeweled butterfly.


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