Saturday, January 14, 2012

Party On! Day Three...

Today, our prize is all about RedWork!
This inspiring book contains tons of designs first published in The WorkBasket...and now compiled by Rebecca Kemp Brent...along with descriptions of several projects for their use as well.
"Redwork embroidery, long admired for its simple, homey designs, is more popular than ever. And what better source for great redwork designs than The WORKBASKET®, a classic magazine with a 60-year tradition of providing readers with great, do-able crafting projects. Now Redwork from The WORKBASKET makes it easy to re-create the warm, nostalgic feel of vintage redwork designs on your linens, aprons, even quilts, whether you embroider by hand or machine"
The book has 100 designs for machine or hand embroidery included on a handy compact disc.
So, leave a comment to enter the drawing!

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