Thursday, January 19, 2012

Roses, Roses, Roses for Meg

The Roses, Roses, Roses round robin is coming to a close. This is the finished block for Meg...isn't it just gorgeous! She wanted a Yellow Rose for Texas we tried to stay true to that request, while working with the fabrics she constructed her block of. The ribbon work by the ladies before me is phenominal! Love every little smidge of this block!
Here is my meager contribution...the bottom right corner...
 ...and a yellow rose beaded cabochon.
 My largest ribbon rose is a simple free-form type...roll the center...'s a better photo.
Stitch it down to an interfacing base. Gather the remainder of the long end of the ribbon...and wrap around the base.
Add some extra little petals to the base...gathering the bottom of each before stitching down...
And her is the final little rose. After cutting away the excess interfacing and stitching to the block...I added some green leaves around it. Easy, breezy!

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