Monday, January 16, 2012

Winners...and winner may-be' soap box.

It's only 9:25 on Monday there is still a couple of hours before the Give-a-ways for the 500 followers closes. But, I've been going back through the comments...and am surprised at the number of deletes I have had to do...because there is no way to contact folks.
So, thought that while it's fresh on my mind...I'd share some issues. If you want to enter drawings or give-a-ways...please keep these in mind.

You are responsible to leave your email or contact information...I am not going to run around trying to determine what your email is...and I don't think that it is reasonable for anyone to expect me to. Afterall, I spend my own money to purchase gifts for the drawing...and will spend more money to mail items to the winners...AND I DON'T MIND. If I did...I would not have drawings. What I do having to decipher who is who and what is their email time is very limited.

Update your profile so that your email is available with your NAME is clicked in the comments you leave.

Make your profile public...cause I can't see it if it isn't...and can't get to your email address to notify you.

Please don't just say this is Josy Brown in Milwalkee...even if I know a Josy in is not fair to everyone else that follows the rules and leaves their contact information for me to "assume" that you are the "Josy Brown" that I know in Milwalkee...there could be others. 

Simply put...please follow the rules.
So, sorry...but several comments have been deleted because I have no contact information included...and that was one of my rules...and I don't make things difficult...just leave a comment and contact information.
If you think I'm being unfair...sorry...just trying to be fair. 
And, I'm HUGE on being please consider updating your profile and making it pubic before entering any might win!
And thanks for the Anonymous entries that included emails in their are IN the drawings..
Now, it's 7:44 A.M. Tuesday Morning...and Aidan is off to school. The winners have been selected. I ran a random number generator of the total valid entries (those with links back to profiles, or including emails in the comment). And, before announcing the winners...let me say that if you are reading this...and left a comment...go to your comment, click on your name to get to your profile, Do you see an Email link? If might have just lost out on a great book...because I had to try 4 times to give the Redwork Book away...the first 3 profiles did not have email addresses. And I tried 5 times to give the Crewelwork Book away...same issue.
Seriously, I'm not ranting...I'm trying to help. Update you profiles! Hugs!

Now, FINALLY...the winners have been sent an email...and have 24 hours to respond back with their mailing address. Or, I draw again...

DAY ONE - Trish Burr Finest Flowers Book is AztecLady.
DAY TWO - Crewel Work is Anonymous Susie Wolfe.
DAY THREE - Redwork is Magpie's Mumblings
DAY FOUR - Silk Shading is Bobbi Pohl
DAY FIVE - StitchoPedia is USAGypsy

CONGRATS to the Winners! Thanks to all why left comments...better luck next time...and, there will be a next get those profiles updated! Hugs!

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