Thursday, February 9, 2012

Midnight Fantasy RR - Cathy L.

I'm almost done with my work on Cathy L.'s block in the round robin, Midnight Fantasy. I have a couple of little "surprises" to include...then will be ready to mail it out.
Cathy included this guidance in her instructions...
"...this block, along with other blocks, will be part of a wall-hanging that will glow in the dark, have leaves to lift, etc...interactive for the grand-kids..."
Well, Cathy...I think that this is a great idea! And it takes the block into a whole new realm...away from traditional CQ into the ArtQuilt venue...and I love that!!
Hopefully, the grand-children will spend countless hours searching for little hidden treasures all over the wall-hanging...
Oh, BTW...isn't the little fairy so beautiful! Cathy stitched that area herself, before sending her block around. Didn't want ya'll to think that I stitched her...even though I'd LOVE to claim such whimsical work! Just so pretty!

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