Tuesday, February 7, 2012


This has been a quiet blog for a few days...and that's how life is sometimes. My niece has been relocating, setting up house, and just needing extra help with her little ones while all of this was happening. So, Auntie Kathy has been lucky to be snuggling with a little 4 month old for the past few days. DMIL took on the care of the 2 year old. We have both been enjoying every minute! But, little time was left for stitching...or blogging...or much else! Babies take loads of time!
Now, the house is quiet again...and I'm trying to catch up!
I managed to get up to speed on my TAST weeks...and will post them shortly.
And, have started on the Midnight Fantasy Garden...and thought you might to like to see the start.
Here is the corner I'm working on...

I like the moon!
It's hard to photograph black...but my idea is to have a beaded black seam...in the background. The covered wire will become stems for a group of fantasy flowers...

Here are the leaves that I've been beading on black felt. I tried twice to get a decent photo...so, you'll just have to use your imagination some!

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