Sunday, April 1, 2012

Easter Tree - Saalfeld, Germany

 The Kraft family in Saalfeld, Germany has been decorating an easter tree in Volker Kraft's back yard for decades. It started as a sapling with just a few dozen eggs...and as the tree...and the family grew it became hundreds then thousands of eggs. 
 Each egg is prepared by a family member, most are real (blown) eggs that have been painted, some are crochet, others have glued pearls and sequins. Each is a work of art.
This year, 2012, the Easter Tree will have 10,000 eggs on it! Amazing!
Check out their website. (Click on egg #11 to watch the video of the tree being decorated in 2009.)
 All of these photos are borrowed from their website. There are many more there for your viewing.
It's a little early still for Easter eggs...but, never too early for inspiration!
 Their decorating starts four weeks prior to Easter Day, and the tree is cleared of eggs one week after Easter.
The beauty is not only in the eggs, or their decorating of the tree...but in the family itself.

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Papier and Cakes said...

Hi Kathy, What a find! I followed your recommendation and clicked on Egg #11. It was amazing and to think that they do this every year - with over 9,000 eggs. True dedication. Keep blogging, Barbara