Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I'm Collecting Toilet Paper Rolls...

Okay, a few things...
1) Don't sent me yours...I'm sure to collect enough all on my own. Thanks.
2) Yes, I am weird...and believe me I already know please don't remind me, cause reminders just give my muse something to talk about..and she already has enough to wag her tongue about.
3) The really strange thing is...I woke up from a little nap with THIS idea...yes, I know...this is what my brain thinks of when I'm sleeping! How scarey is THAT!
Here is the newly designed paper with a piece of contact paper attached...and beautiful silk ribbon! See the tub of ribbon that needs organizing...THIS will be my method.
And, in case you are wondering how long this will take...I also collect cardboard sleeves from wrapping paper and paper towels. Yes, it is true...I am truly mad! 
Do you use old cardboard sleeves for anything?
Just I might have a lot and need to do something with them?
No, I'm not going to show you my gift wrapping rolls in the hall closet...just imagine them....hugs!

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