Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Chiffon Baby Gown

Boy, what a week I have had...just since Friday! 
Painted with my niece/hubby for 3 days getting their basement sheet rock done. We still have the trim work, but that will wait a few days. She had to pick a wall color for the bathroom.
There is a baby shower this Saturday, so Tracy (Dear SIL) and I decided to clean the house for her. We went over Monday (after all that painting) and did the kitchen, baths, bedrooms, living room...and were too tired to finish the floors. So, this morning we went back and scrubbed both bathroom floors (on my knees) the mopped, vacuumed the carpet and rugs, and steamed the hardwood living room and kitchen. I am so sore...I can hardly move!
 In the evening, I've been sewing on bullions for little roses. This little dress will be my Mother's gift to the niece...for her first little girl...go with her already three rough'n'tumble boys.
 The dress is a bishop style made of chiffon. It has French seams and lace trim adorned with bullion roses.
Now, I'm working on a little slip to go under that.
Wish you could see the dress for is so feminine and looks like a cloud.

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