Tuesday, May 1, 2012

How Much Time Do You Spend?...

on the computer? These past couple of weeks have been un-usually full for me. I've been very busy loading all of the webpages for the Crazy Quilt Journal Project and helping to coordinate a small retreat for about 18 ladies on the HGTV Board with me. There has been little time to stitch!
I did take some CQ work to the retreat...and managed to couch down lace pieces on about nine blocks...and started the embellishment on one of them...but nothing really to photograph for y'all yet.
 I have been on the laptop...still working on webpages for CQJP the past five hours...and have been just wrestling with the software. After changing 3-5 pages..it wants to lock up. So, I have to come out...and then log in again...very cumbersome! So, doesn't look like much stitching today or tomorrow either!
Normally, I spend about 3 hours a day on this laptop...unless I am writing classes...and that changes to about 7 hours a day.
How about you?

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