Sunday, May 20, 2012

Simple is Complex!

I just spent two hours moving my desk (15 minutes), re-routing all of the cords (10 minutes)...and trying to get my large monitor to talk to my laptop and be visible as my main monitor (1 hour and 35 frustrating minutes).
Geez, it should be, I just want to go take a nap!
But, I have more baby blankets and burping cloths to, will have to settle for a piece of pie and a glass of milk to calm my nerves (and my stomach...which is surviving today on coffee alone so far.)
Technology is wonderful...and horrible at the same time!
My eyes were getting so tired from viewing the laptop monitor that I decided to move my desktop flat-screen monitor over to the desk so I could use it most often. It does help, and that means that I can do more writing as I need to so badly.
Now, to go and move one of the old dinosaur monitors from the garage back the desktop will work. Mostly, we play Clifford the Big Red Dog on that does not need a flat-screen style. With summer on top of us...Aidan will want to do her own "office work". I think I shall teach her to type this summer...ffff jjjj ffff jjjj...wish me luck.
Oh...wait...I want to show you what Aidan has been working on. Let me go get a pic for you...
 Not bad for 8-years old! And, I'm no longer having to stitch the "spokes" for her...she is doing the roses and the leaves ALL BY HERSELF! I'm one proud Nana!
She still has a ways to go on those detached chain stitches...but, I'm happy with her progress so far. :)


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