Friday, June 29, 2012

Beetle Class - Wings

I started with Arlene's Beetle Class this past week, and decided to try my hand with a white beetle for my CQJP blocks. The wings were supported by wire between two layers of organza. This was not the way my instructions has suggested...but one layer was too thin to stitch through, so I added a second layer which made me working with an organza sandwich! Leave it to me to make everything "different"...but, I liked the idea once I got to stitching. The wraps for the wire were tedious...again because of "my adjustments" as I decided to use regular sewing thread in white to do this with. Do you know how many "wraps" it takes to cover these beetle wings wire? A LOT!
But, I still think the effort was worth it. I finished by covering all the organza with beads, on the back side I glued a thin layer of Angelina Fiber so I would not see all the threads from my bead work.
Next week we create the beetle there will be more to this after that lesson.
I recommend Arlene's class...the instructions are detailed and not difficult to understand...and she allows you the flexibility to adjust and apply your own Artistic Style...which I love!
So, watch for her classes over at if you are interested in stumpwork of this type.
It's hard to photograph white on white....but, these babies really sparkle in real life!

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