Monday, June 4, 2012

Free Monogram Design - E for Ellie

Ellie's monogram bib is finished.
The pattern for the bib is really extra large bowl...and a cup will make the circles. You can then elongate the circle if you desire. Or just use a rectangle shape with curved corners...and the coffee mug. Large children than newborn-3months?...use a bowl instead of the cup. have a pattern!
Do you have an "E" in your family...if is the embroidery chart for you.
It does not have to go on a bib of course...try it on a tote-bag, or book cover, or countless things!
Ellie's initial was stitched in shadow embroidery, as were the tiny leaves. The large leaves were done in feather-stitch, the flowers in back-stitch, and the vine in stem stitch. All of the embroidery work for this was stitched two strand Silk Mori embroidery floss from Krenik because a friend kindly gifted me some...too expensive for me to purchase on my own. It is glorious to stitch with, but I'm saving it for small projects since I have just a wee bit to work with. It would be bad to start a project and run out...there is no where around here to get more...and ordering online and waiting would be pure torture!
I highly recommend the thread however...if you have not tried it...and get the chance, do it! And if you have some and don't like it...mail it off to me...I'd gladly use it! Hugs!
I have not forgotten about the "generic" bib design I promised...and am stitching on hope to have that for you tomorrow!

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