Sunday, June 24, 2012

Hobby Crisis! Can You Help?

I need this fabric! Have you seen it...who makes it? What is the name of the fabric line?
Do you have any of it yourself...that you'd be willing to sale?
I am just sick...because it is the main fabric in a quilt top and I can not find any more of it in my stash...even though, there is supposed to be about 3 yards here.
This is one of the fabrics...the main one...that was provided to the HGTV Ladies in the Row-by-Row quilt swap. And, in September...I'll be getting my quilt top back that they have sewn...using this fabric as the main focus fabric, as I had requested. (I've been working on a quilt for each of these ladies each month to...based on their own fabric choices.)
When we began this Round Robin the first of the year...I gathered my fabrics, created my first row of blocks and send everything off to the next lady in line. I kept 3 yards of this fabric to use as a border when the quilt top returned.
I have searched and's no where to be found.
 Now, I don't say that lightly...believe me, I've been going through every box, bin, plastic container, dresser drawer, and cubby hole up here in this garage apartment...and below in the garage too. I offered to pay my SIL if she could find it and gave her free reign...she searched and searched...pulled out everything from every drawer, box, bin again...and we can not find it!
Seriously, I have now idea where else to look!
I really need this fabric...or my quilt will have to have a solid black border...
but...I have no idea when I purchased it...or from where. Don't know who made it because all I have left is this little piece which was returned as scrap with my other un-used fabrics in the Round Robin. (Although we don't see our Row-by-Row quilt tops until the Retreat in September...I did get my left-over fabrics back from the last stitcher working on the round robin.)
So, I"m at a complete loss...sure hope someone out there can help me out! 
Post Script: Nancy, a cyber pal over at HGTV Message Board, is sending me fabric that she believes is a perfect match! Oh, I sure hope it my worries would be over! Aren't friends just wonderful...and especially those that we've never even met! These are extra special to my heart!

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