Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Proud as a Photoshop Peacock!

Okay...those of you that are "wizards" at Photoshop will think this is lame...but, I just got my software last month...and am having a real time trying to use it. Apparently, Adobe doesn't see the need to provide text books of "instructions" any longer (or at least not when you get the software via the Creative Cloud subscription route) I'm just muddling through.
BUT, a blogging friend put me on to a site for instruction...that is having a free five day class on Photoshop this week! If you do Photoshop...go check out Jessica Sprague's site!
Here is my Lesson One results...took Aidan's photo (above) and manipulated it several ways. Here is the right?!
 But, that's only lesson one...Check out my Lesson Two endeavor! I did not make the background...that's another class...but I did manage to get the photo and some words on the page!
 AND, this is the same site that I found the little class on Illustrator that helped me to figure out how to create multiple petal flowers...easily! And, that class cost me less than $3...yes, three dollars!
So, seriously...go check out the site if you want to do more with Photoshop or Illustrator. Cause, if they can teach me...they can teach anyone!
 The only down side to this...I think that I have a new hobby! Geez!
Oh! And talking about scrapbooking...if you are into digital scrapbooking...she is also celebrating her 5th Year Birthday with a blog hop...where you get FREE scrapbooking kits at each stop! Seriously!...go check out all the birthday goodie details for even more fun too!

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