Monday, June 18, 2012

Yuck! I'm drained!

Literally and Figuratively! Went to a new doctor today...and am having some "old" tests re-done.
Of course, labs were I'm pooped out after "donating" four vials.
Tomorrow...eye exam.
Tuesday...Consult for sleep apnea study.
July...OBGYN (super yuck).
Some time this summer...the actual SA Test...
No major things...just a real disruption to my routine.
But, necessary.
Hugs to all!
I might not be getting a lot accomplished but I'll be moving forward...and thinking about that CPAP machine...perhaps it will "work" this time around? Do you have one? Has it helped? My first sleep study was over 15 years ago...and the night I slept with the machine...I woke up feeling just horrible. I told the doctor that every joint in my body hurt that next morning...and there was no way I would be using that machine.
Well, I'm sure things have changed. And wondering if the darn thing had a bad filter on it? Is that possible? You see, I have allergies...a special pine tree and a shrub are both moderate level allergies...but, I have High and Extreme allergies to roach poop (yes, they must poop)...and common house dust! Seriously!
Just shoot me now! I hate to dust!
I am in a constant state of drainage...and when it gets out of control, my GERD acts up and my SA acts up...and that kicks in my CFS so I'm extremely tired a lot when my sinus is stirred up.
Really, it's a monumental task for me to get anything done on those days.
And, if I weren't so "ornery" as Eileene might tell you...Ha!...I probably would not get out of bed!
 I just won't give in or give up! Anyway...a question for all of you other sleep apnea folks.
Do you have a CPAP? Do you use it? Has it helped?
Seriously, I'd love to hear about your story.
Email me if you don't want to post a comment.
My address is in my profile.

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