Monday, July 30, 2012

Christmas Stocking

My friend Lyn is having a Christmas Stocking exchange. And, these are just the right size for giving as special little giftees...for that special gal-pal...filled with lovely stitching supplies. "I'm just saying!" Hint, hint!
I just got started last night. The theme is silver...and I was surprised at how little silver fabric I had on hand. I could have waited until a trip to the fabric store (which is Wednesday with my niece)...but my muse has NO we pulled some lovely neutrals to go the light gray I had on hand. These are all silks, and were in a selection of fabrics that I got from Victoria over at Ribbonsmyth. Love the look and feel of silk!
 Have just gotten the stitching started...and already, my muse wants to do a second one!
There is just no stopping her!
Doesn't she realize that I have my CQJP block still unfinished for July!
And one round-robin block that just needs a dragonfly and some more beads?
Or, the other round robin block that is calling my name?
Geez, what am I going to do with her!
Better get off here and get to stitching!

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