Wednesday, July 25, 2012

CQ for Lori and Thoughts...

I believe that I am suitably nick-named...Kat. Not because I love cats, as I don't have a single one for a pet...being a dog person. But, because I am easily distracted it seems. Just yesterday, I was contemplating this fact on someone else's blog...who also professed their own malady of the same sort. 

 And, it is so I seem to scoot from one task to another. Eventually, I buckle down and spend hours on one single thing..but even then, I might do twelve more at that same time...stopping for bits and pieces of time to cut apples up, or let the dog out. Are you like that too? 

 My shelves are full of projects that are not finished (but hopefully one day will be), my design journal is full of ideas not yet started, and my computer is full of half-drawn patterns or designs. 

 I swear, if I had half the energy that I actually need...the Energizer Bunny would be slow as the tortoise next to me! Or my heat would explode, not sure which! As it stands, I'm perpetually working on multiple projects. This gives me the sense that I can get a lot done in a short amount of time; which cause me to "agree" to a lot of helping on projects that are not truly MY projects. And, that's okay to a point...but lately, I'm thinking that I'm doing too much of that and not enough of the things that I want to get accomplished for my own family and myself.

I also spend way too much time on this laptop...especially lately. I've actually been working more at the laptop than anywhere else. But, this past week, I did manage to get some stitching done on Lori's block for the HGTV 6x6 Round Robin. I just need to add my critters...including the spider for the web.

 And, since I can't share what's on the laptop yet...thought y'all would not mind seeing the partially finished block. Have to put it aside for a few hours now, before I get back to that spider and such. But, when they are completed...I'll share them too.

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