Saturday, July 14, 2012

Journal Cover - Part 2

The Journal Cover is finished. It was pretty easy to do, but if I was to do another...I'd plan it so that the entire cover was one solid piece of linen...and just work the embroidery. I'm not a big fan of all the seams.
So, if you want to do a book is how I'd suggest you consider approaching it.
 This version is very much like the old school, fold over type..but is "tacked" in place so that it doesn't slip off. The fold is left open, since this is a journal...and not a "reading book". This way, I can insert a pencil and a ruler (if I had one that was 9" long...still looking for that size".
To begin, you will need to know the size (of course) of the book you want to cover. Measure the front/back height and width, then the width of the spine.
Basically the cover is twice the height, plus seam allowance; and long enough to wrap under the front/back cover flaps at least four inches. You fold the fabric cover top to bottom, seam and turn that to the center horizontal placement...leaving the middle area open for turning. Then seam both ends closed. Turn, and stitch closed. 
 Optionally...for soft cover books like this one...insert pieces of cardboard (I save cereal boxes for this purpose) that are the size of the front/back, and the 4"wide desired flap by height of book. Insert the flap cardboards first...and seam across to hold them in place...then insert the front/back cardboard...and seam them in place. The spine area does not get any cardboard there. Leave the center seam open until you have done this cardboard inserting...then hand stitch it closed.)
Here are some charts for those that like "visual instruction", and really who doesn't appreciate that!
And the "formula" if you want to do this for a book that is not my "My Crazy Ideas Sketch Book" size.
Here are the sizes of my journal:
 Here's how to calculate the total size of the fabric piece you'll need to cover this journal...and just substitute your own (A through E) measurements in the formula to change it to fit your book.

And, here is a diagram of how the layout would actually look, considering the seam allowance as the formula has...

...before any of you math whiz folks write me...Yes, I know that "technically" the formula should have the half of height times two and the book height only once in the formula...instead of just multiplying the book height twice... but, why make things more complicated...when you get the same result?


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Thank you for sharing this tutorial. You are very talented and generous!