Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Whew...no wonder I'm tired!

Last night, was my test night for sleep aphea. I already had this done about 15 years ago, and know that I do have that condition...but I didn't do anything about it at the time. Now, I just can't ignore it any longer. I'm tired all the time.
  And, I was right...I'm not resting at all when I sleep.
Last night, I was hooked to about 15-20 sensors that were "stuck" to my body in various place to measure my breathing, my brain waves, whether I kick my legs, etc. There was a clip on my finger to monitor my oxygen levels and a tubing strapped to my face with nodes in my nose and mouth to measure my breathing.
 It's a wonder that I could even get to sleep...but after settling in, it was possible after about 45 minutes. 
They wanted me to sleep on my back if possible...but that was not happening...as I have slept on my side for decades. I tried, really, I did...but after about 20 minutes...gave up and rolled to my side. Was asleep in about 15 minutes after that.
Woke up twice during the night...or so I thought.
But, being "fully awake" and being just "awake" is two different things.
My brain can wake up...without me being fully awake. 
And, apparently...when your brain is awake...that means you are not resting. Okay, that makes sense to me.
Why would your brain "wake up" when you are asleep? Well...mostly...because you stop breathing. And the brain wakes up, mentally slaps you around...so that you start breathing again. Okay, that might also explain why I'm so tired and achy in the morning...all that "slapping around".
Bottom line...my brain woke up "69 times an hour", and I stopped breathing "46 times an hour", and my oxygen level dropped below 89% for about 58% of an hour...as the lowest it dropped to 70% level.
Yep, I'm not getting any rest!
So, I go back to the Sleep Center on the 30th of July...to be fitted for my CPAP machine.
 This handy little scientific breakthrough will push air into my throat/nose...keeping my throat from closing and me from stopping to breath. It is intended to keep you sleeping and resting longer. That's after you get used to having something strapped to your face pushing air down your throat. I'm not looking forward to the new "addition" but it is needed, and I'm praying that I'll be able to tolerate it...and that it will help.
Will keep y'all posted along the process.

Right now...I've got to go wash the "goo" out of my hair...this is the stuff that holds the little "sensors" in place on my head...and feels like Silly Putty or Slime. Yuck!

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